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Loveland lawyer working on sealing a case to remove convictions from her client's criminal record.

Having a criminal record sucks.

It can get in the way of finding a job, obtaining housing, applying to schools, getting scholarships, and more. It’s embarrassing to have to explain to people. It constantly puts you at a disadvantage. Almost always, it ends up being a consequence far worse than the actual punishment imposed by the Court, as well as deeply disproportionate to the actual crime committed.

Worse, a “criminal record” isn’t limited to just criminal convictions. Many people don’t realize that just being charged with a crime in Colorado generates an entry on your criminal record.

As you can see in the example next to this paragraph, even if you eventually get the case completely dismissed, all the crimes you were charged with are still going to show up on background checks.

Printed Criminal history record showing what will show on a background check, even if your case is completely dismissed.

We can help you do something about it.

The laws regarding the sealing of criminal records are always changing in Colorado. Just in the past few years alone, they have been modified several times. This leads to many criminal defense attorneys giving bad or incomplete advice to clients about what can actually be done to clean up their criminal records.

Not us. Sealing clients’ cases and old convictions is one of our favorite things to do. It feels incredible to help our clients get a second chance. We make sure to know all of Colorado’s sealing and expungement laws like the back of our hand, and we also stay up to date on every change to those laws whenever they occur.

Did you know?

If you were charged but your case was dismissed

We can help you seal it and remove it from your record.

If you successfully completed ANY deferred sentence in a Colorado case…

we can help you seal it and remove it from your record. (Note: This includes most DUI/DWAIs!)

If you have one or more misdemeanor or felony convictions…

we may be able to seal it, however it is sometimes a bit more complicated. The statutes regarding what convictions can be sealed, and which can’t, and under what conditions, are continuously changing.

How can you figure out if you have parts of your record that can be sealed?

Easy. We will review your Colorado criminal record and tell you what can be sealed for free.  

But did you know, that when it snows…

My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen? (Baby!) Yes, we love Seal. But we also love sealing cases. We love sealing clients’ cases and convictions for them so much, that we offer free criminal history reviews to anyone who wants to know if some part (or all) of their criminal record can be sealed.

All you have to do is go to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI’s) website, purchase from them a copy of your criminal history (it’s $5), and they will instantly email you a PDF of your Colorado arrest record. Send that PDF to us at:


We will let you know what items on your CBI record can be sealed, and we will also provide you with a flat fee quote for the cost to do so.