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Sarah Schielke featured behind a podium in a press conference fearlessly defending her clients who were harassed by Loveland Police - Photo Credit Jenny Sparks of the Loveland Reporter-Herald

Photo Credit: Jenny Sparks Loveland Reporter-Herald

loveland PD lawsuit choke dog


March 19, 2023

USA Today Women of the Year honorees are “strong and resilient women who have been champions of change across the country, leading and inspiring as the promote and fight for equity, and give others a place to seek help and find hope.”

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loveland PD lawsuit choke dog


November 2, 2022

The settlement obtained by Schielke appears to be the largest in Colorado history in a civil rights case not involving death.


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Schielke to sue for wrongful DUI arrests at Fort Collins Police


June 14, 2022

Officer Jason Haferman at Fort Collins Police has wrongfully arrested and charged more than 10 innocent people for DUIs in the past year – multiple lawsuits on those individuals’ behalf are forthcoming.


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Body cam footage of Loveland PD for Sneaking Up on Family and Then Shooting, and killing, Their 14-month-old Puppy Herkimer.


March 31, 2022

Officer Gates claimed an “overwhelming odor of alcohol.” But Mr. Elias’s breath (and later, blood) both showed no alcohol or drugs on board. Schielke has uncovered a history of these arrests.

In just 24 hours, Sarah’s video exposing LPD’s wrongful DUI arrests got more than 100k views


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Body cam footage of Loveland PD for Sneaking Up on Family and Then Shooting, and killing, Their 14-month-old Puppy Herkimer.


August 27, 2021

“The only thing that could be worse than watching a video like this, is watching a video like this and not doing anything about it,” said Schielke.


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Sarah Schielke Sues Idaho Springs Police for Tasing, Nearly Killing Unarmed 75-Year-Old Michael Clark in His Own Apartment


July 26, 2021

“There is this toxic culture of never expecting to be held accountable in police forces,” Schielke stated. “We’re putting cameras on them, and they’re not changing their behavior or attitude.”


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Sarah of The Life and Liberty Law Office, a Civil Rights attorney sits with her clients on a CBS News interview.


May 20, 2021

David Begnaud of CBS This Morning reports on Loveland Officers Hopp and Jalali being charged with crimes for their attack on Sarah’s client, Karen Garner. Says Sarah Schielke, “This is a start, but it’s not good enough.”

Loveland Civil Rights attorney Sarah Schielke speaking at a news conference and responds to the criminal charges filed against two Loveland Officers in her Karen Garner Lawsuit.


May 19, 2021

“This is not an excessive force case. It’s torture. In broad daylight, by multiple officers – some in supervisory capacities,” said Sarah Schielke.


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