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If you’ve been charged with a DUI or you believe your civil rights have been violated by the police, call us or fill out the form below.


If it happens that we are unable to take on additional DUI cases at that time, we will tell you and provide you a referral to another attorney.


We will follow up with you no matter what. And if there is bodycam video of the police misconduct – we will always review your videos for free.

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DID YOU KNOW? Sarah’s last name is pronounced SHELL-KEY.

A quick heads up.

We are extremely committed to fighting harder for our clients than any other law firm.


Our methods of fighting for our clients are the most intelligent, effective, powerful, and innovative.

But that is not all that we do….

Our clients are often unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. They are often in crisis. They are worried about their futures, worried about falling through the cracks, worried about what will happen next. So for every client, we ensure that we are responsive to their every need. We make ourselves available to answer every question. We explain everything that’s happening, while it’s happening, and we provide expectations for what will happen next. We steer our clients out of crisis with strength, knowledge, and compassion. The result is a fundamentally unique and vastly superior lawyer-client experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

As a result of this extraordinary commitment we make to every one of our clients, our office can only take on so many cases at a time. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

“They do not have
  enough treats here.”

 – Michelle Kwan